Teams for Tech is a year-long student engagement where undergraduate and graduate student teams work closely with a team leadership coach to create a product, service, project or venture concept to enhance the life at Georgia Tech. Projects could focus on reducing Georgia Tech’s environmental footprint, enhancing the quality of student life, improving technology, etc. and will have a direct impact on Tech’s student body and campus. Team members will understand and analyze the dynamics of their role on the team and the team itself, gain experience in leadership situations, recognizing that leadership happens up and down the organizational ladder, give back to the campus community, and apply problem-solving skills.

What are we looking for in a Teams for Tech Team?
  • Passionate about making an impact on campus
  • Demonstrate a commitment to implementing their innovative idea
  • Be willing to commit five to ten hours to the fellowship community
  • Possess an openness to new ideas and input from others
  • Search for opportunities by seizing initiatives and looking outward for innovation ways to improve
  • Experiment and take risks by consistently generating small wins and learning from each experience


Expand & Diversify Networks
  • Work outside your discipline with people of different backgrounds and skill sets.
  • Diversify your connections.
  • Expand your horizons.
Enhance Leadership Skills
  • Develop critical thinking and enhance leadership competencies
  • Work in a team-setting to set yourself apart in future projects at Tech and beyond
  • Learn to influence and persuade others to gain their cooperation and commitment
  • Cultivate meaningful connections with stakeholders, peer organizations and strategic partners to aid in the implementation process
Leave a Legacy
  • Think imaginatively and unconventionally to innovate or to develop alternative approaches to a problem
  • Champion change and make an impact within the Georgia Tech Community
  • Implement new ideas that positively affect future students, faculty, and staff


  • Commit to five to ten hours per month to team, project and overall progression of your idea

  • Attend monthly fellowship cohort meetings and biweekly meetings with your Teams for Tech Coach


The Impact-A-Thon is a competition where students can put their ideas to the test, network with campus community stakeholders, and win a coveted spot in the Teams for Tech fellowship program. As part of the fellowship program, teams will receive training, a team coach, and thousands of dollars in support to execute their idea to implementation.

At the Impact-A-Thon, teams will:

  • identify a need on campus, stakeholders and partners, and propose a potential solution
  • have access to trained leadership coaches, and campus professionals as they develop their idea over the course of the day
  • pitch their idea in front of campus stakeholders for a chance to become a part of the Teams for Tech fellowship program

The Impact-A-Thon is open to all Georgia Tech students (both undergrad and grad) across all majors. Technical and non-technical students are encouraged to participate, as the competition is more on the ideation process than a prototype itself.

Cotober 2024
Instructional Center


Applications will be accepted in Setpember 2024


Students are encouraged to form teams, but is not required to submit an idea. To compete at the Impact-A-Thon, teams/individuals must fill out an application where they answer a few short questions related to their idea. If teams need help with their idea, require resources (e.g. get connected with a potential stakeholder) or want to learn more about how to start a product development cycle, then they should fill out the Project Kickstarter form. The Project Kickstarter is an optional resource to help teams get ready for the Impact-A-Thon competition.

Interested in applying to the Impact-A-Thon?
We are accepting applications now. Submission deadline is Friday, September 29th at 11:59pm.

Teams for Tech Impact-A-Thon Timeline