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      Meet Marnie Williams: Leading Edge’s First-Ever Coachee to Become a Coach

      In the Spring semester of 2014, Marnie Williams became a coachee in our Leading Edge leaders...

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      Graduate Student Spotlight: Janille Smith-Colin

      As a student pursuing her PhD, finding the time to be involved in other programs and activit...

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      Alumni Spotlight: Parker Vascik

      Though it’s still a fairly new addition to the academic programs offered by Georgia Tech, ...

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      Georgia Tech Students Gain Valuable Insights into Their Leadership Potential Through One-on-One Leadership Coaching

      Georgia Tech’s Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program is now accepting applic...

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      Student Spotlight: Mindy Kao

      When I reflect back on my decision to pursue a Minor in Leadership Studies, I c...

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      Leading Edge & The Leadership Coaching Process

      Leading Edge is an intentional coaching program that adapts the real-world pr...

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      Leading Edge Offers Dynamic One-on-One Leadership Coaching to Undergraduates

      On March 1, Georgia Tech’s Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Progra...

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