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Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges, offered in partnership with the College of Engineering, is a living-learning community for incoming freshman students that helps students develop leadership, teambuilding, and analytical skills not taught in traditional classes. In this program, students live together in a residence hall and engage with faculty from a variety of disciplines on a frequent and casual basis.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Leadership Coaching gives GT students the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained leadership development coach (leadership fellow) to actively explore and improve their individual and team leadership skills through practice and critical reflection, challenge themselves to be a better leader and develop their leadership vision.

Minor in Leadership Studies

The Minor in Leadership Studies, offered in partnership with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Scheller College of Business, and the School of Public Policgives undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to deepen their focus on leadership through the Foundations of Leadership course, specific fields of interest, and a professional internship or capstone project.


McDonald Conference for Leaders of Character (MCLC)

Team Leadership Fellow Shriradha Geigerman shares her summer experience leading a team of undergraduate researchers in a...

Former Leading Edge coachee Rachel Smith shares her summer experience as a Maverick for University House Midtown.