Minor in Leadership Studies Public Policy Track

I.  Foundations of Leadership (PUBP 4140 - required)

II.  Choose 3 of the following courses:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisities
PUBP 2030 Organizations & Policy  
PHIL 3050 Philosophy & Political Philosophy  
PUBP 2010 Political Processes  
PUBP 48x3 Leading Change in Public Organizations*  
PUBP 4803 Ethical Responsibility in Leadership*  
PUBP 4803 Managerial & Leadership Skill Building*  
PSY 2005 Exploring Multicultural Identities  

* Courses typically taught as special topics

III.  Internship (PUBP 4651):  Each student in the Public Policy Track must complete an internship by enrolling in PUBP 4651 (3 credit hours).

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