Minor in Leadership Studies Business Track

I.  Foundations of Leadership (PUBP 4140 - required)

II.  Choose 3 of the following courses:

Course Number Course Name Prerequisites
MGT 3101 Organizational Behavior*  
MGT 3102 Managing Human Resources  
MGT 3103 Leadership-Changing Environments*** MGT 3101 or MGT 3102 or MGT 3150
MGT 3150 Principles of Management*  
MGT 3662 Management in the Healthcare Sector  
MGT 4072 Entrepreneurial Finance*** MGT 3062 or MGT 3078
MGT 4102 Management Consulting*** MGT 3101 or MGT 3150
MGT 4116 Gender & Ethnicity 90 credit hours are needed before this class can be taken
MGT 4117 Global Workforce Management MGT 3102 or MGT 3150
MGT 4119 Leading Teams*** MGT 3101 or MGT 3150
MGT 4191 Entrepreneurship Forum****  
MGT 4192 Impact Forum**  
MGT 4193 Servant Leadership, Values, & Systems  
MGT 4194 Social Entrepreneurship  
MGT 4670 Entrepreneurship*** ACCT 2101 or MGT 3300
MGT 4803 Motivation & Rewards*** MGT 3101 or MGT 3102
MGT 4803 Corporate Governance*** MGT 2106
MGT 4803 Business Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs****  

* Students electing the Business Track can take either MGT 3101 or 3150, but not both.
** Students electing the Business Track can take either MGT 4191 or 4192, but not both.
*** These courses require the completion of pre-requisites. Please check OSCAR for more details.
**** Currently available only to participants of the Eastern European Study Abroad Program. Students enrolled in this program will receive credit towards the business track of the minor for the 9 credit hours that they complete as part of the program (Courses include: MGT 4191 - Entrepreneurship Forum | MGT 4803 Business Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs | MGT 4611 Leadership Capstone Project).

III.  Leadership Capstone Project (MGT 4611):  Each student in the Management track must complete a supervised capstone project (3 hours) assigned to him/her by the ILE faculty.

Information about the elective courses in the Management Track and the registration timetable for students who are non-management majors can be found here.

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