LEAD Recruitment Team

Georgia Tech Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) The individuals who take on the recruitment process are a highly selective and regarded group of GT LEAD students, faculty and staff who represent Leadership Education and Development in the Georgia Tech community. These students will have or are currently participating in two or more LEAD programs / opportunities.

The purpose of the LEAD Recruitment Team is to assist the Office of Leadership Education and Development and the Colleges in increasing awareness of leadership development opportunities at Georgia Tech, assisting in the recruitment of new participants in the Minor in Leadership Studies, Grand Challenges, and Leading Edge (One-on-One and Team-based Coaching), as well as capturing leadership development stories on campus.

LEAD Recruitment Team members participate and represent LEAD at various campus-wide events and student meetings on campus to share their experiences (e.g. GT1000 classes, SGA, etc.), contact students, faculty and staff, and capture LEAD student testimonials and leadership development experiences that are shared through social media and the web.

Meet the AY2017-2018 LEAD Recruitment Team

Undergraduate Students

  • Roshni Ramaswamy
  • Gabe Tiongco


Graduate Students

  • Victor Chukwuka
  • Felix Fan
  • Arka Kumar
  • Weipeng Zhuo



  • Geneva Bernoudy
  • Stephen Steppe


Thanks to the AY16-17 LEAD Recruitment Team for another great year!


Interested in becoming a member of the LEAD Recruitment Team? Email leadingedge@gatech.edu