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Tamar Grimes
Tamar Grimes
Course Management Coordinator
Live Every Moment, Love Beyond Words, Laugh Everyday
Tamar has worked at Ga Tech for over 20 years. She has more than 20 years of management experience and provider of logistical support. She delivers exceptional customer service and works in a cross-functional team environment. She was Project Coordinator for Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Deputy Director’s Office for 10 years. Also, Tamar has 10 years of management experience in handling multiple portfolios for Georgia Tech’s Professional Education – Education Logistics department. She is a focused, dedicated, and highly motivated leader. Tamar works well independently as well as with a team. She also offers initiative, energy; creativity, innovative thinking, outstanding communication and organizational skills, sound judgment and a work habit and leadership style that are grounded in the principles of teamwork. Tamar graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. She also graduated from Fort Valley State University with her Master of Public Health in Environmental Health. Tamar believes that you can lead from whatever position you currently hold. She attributes her success to hard work and dedication. When others say no, Tamar says yes! She inspires and motivates others! She is confident and effective in her leadership abilities. Tamar is highly respected by all of her peers for the hard work and dedication that she gives to her positions. Although, Tamar has many years of experience in leadership she is excited to learn and continue to grow with her Coachees and take on some great challenges and opportunities!
What inspired you to become a Leadership Fellow?:
I was inspired to be a Leadership Fellow so that I can become a better leader. I want to attain a leadership style that is visible, selfless, and committed to making a positive change in the world. I want to serve as a voice of positive influence and proactive change through coaching.