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Clarence Anthony, Jr.
Clarence Anthony, Jr.
Assistant Director of Graduate Career Development, Center for Career Discovery and Development (C2D2)
"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today" - El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbazz
Clarence has a bachelor of arts in sociology and a doctorate of philosophy in counseling and counselor education from University of Florida, and a master of arts in psychological counseling from Columbia University’s Teacher College. He’s always been inspired to work with people to realize and reach their goals, and to ultimately be their best selves as students, professionals, and as people. He currently serves as the Assistant Director of Graduate Career Development here at Georgia Tech. Prior to this he worked in career advising and counseling at the University of Florida, and the University of Michigan.
What inspired you to become a Leadership Fellow?:
Development as a leader has been important to Clarence for quite a while. Through his undergraduate and graduate studies, and professional career, He has had a great number of experiences that have allowed for him to hone my leadership skills. Clarence is inspired to continue his growth, but also in coaching others to grow as leaders and as people. Serving as a Leadership Coach allows for him to work on himself, while also helping others to work on themselves.
Monique Anderson
Student Advisor II in Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahatma Gandhi
Monique has served as a Student Financial Aid Advisor II in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at Georgia Tech for five years. She has received numerous recognitions for her outstanding service to students and parents. She leads countless presentations on and off campus about the Financial Aid Process and took her service further in Fall 2016 by teaching a section of GT 1000, First-Year Seminar.
What inspired you to become a Leadership Fellow?:
Monique strongly believes in the power of encouraging and empowering others and her decision to become a coach allows her to reach students on another level. She understands the impact she can have by being a supporter of students in their college years and seeks to influence and empower her coachees. Monique believes that leadership is a continual process that does not take place overnight. It requires passion, skill, repetition and commitment and she looks forward to learning and growing with her coachees.