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Students can put their ideas to the test, network with campus community leadership, and win a coveted spot in the Teams for Tech program where they will receive a team coach and thousands of dollars in support to see their idea to implementation!

The Impact-a-thon will take place on February 5, 2022 from 10am-2pm at the instructional Center, with winners announced at the end of the pitch competition at the end of the day. Quick information about the Impact-a-thon:

  • Student teams and individuals will have access to a trained leadership coach, as well as input from campus professionals (GTPD, Residence Life, etc.) as they develop their idea over the course of the day.
  • Participants need to Identify a need on campus, identify stakeholders and partners, and propose a potential solution
  • The deliverable is a 3-minute pitch presentation about the idea/prototype.
  • The winning team or individual will receive project funding of $5,000. The second and third place prizes will be $3,000 and $2,000 of funding, respectively.
  • The winning teams will also be invited into the Teams of Tech Program, that will receive curated leadership and idea implementation coaching over the calendar year

The impact-a-thon is open to all Georgia Tech students (both undergrad and grad) across all majors. Both technical and non-technical students are encouraged to participate, as the competition is more on the ideation process than a prototype itself. Students can register either individually or as teams during the impact-a-thon.

If you have questions about the event, please contact LEAD Staff at

2022 Winners

To be announced

2020 Winners

1st Place Winner - Cheers

Meet Braxton Madison and Zee Doehling, co-creators

Cheer's mission is to provide a social platform for all perople to steward their relationships, time, and mental health well! Cheers is a start to a solution, and they will be launching their iOS app on Georgia Tech's campus this year. They hope their users will experience happy friendships and healthy minds. More to come from this team as they work to implement their idea.

2nd Place Winner: Virtual Buzzcard | Carson Garrett, Vikranth Keerthipati, Apuroop Mutyala, Isabella Silar and Taylor Storlie

3rd Place Winner: Snuggle and Cuddle with Pets | Raghav Apoorv, Xiaoshu Liu and Harshit Daga

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What is Teams for Tech?

Teams for Tech is a year-long student engagement where undergraduate and graduate student teams work closely with a team leadership coach to create a product, service, project or venture concept to enhance the life at Georgia Tech. Projects could focus on reducing Georgia Tech’s environmental footprint, enhancing the quality of student life, improving technology, etc. and will have a direct impact on Tech’s student body and campus. Team members will understand and analyze the dynamics of their role on the team and the team itself, gain experience in leadership situations, recognizing that leadership happens up and down the organizational ladder, give back to the campus community, and apply problem-solving skills to difficult team dynamics.











Each team will work closely with a trained team leadership fellow (coach) that will observe and ask powerful questions to aid members in building a high-performing cohesive team. Funding will be made available to see your project through to implementation.


What are we looking for in a Teams for Tech Team?

  • A product, service, project or venture idea is developed with the Georgia Tech community in mind
  • Commitment to an idea and the team coaching process
  • Willingness to commit as many as five to ten hours per month to program activities in fall and spring semesters

Interested in pitching your idea at the IMPACT-A-THON?

Proposals being accepted in August 2022.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity with us, please email and we will setup a brief meeting.


Additional Questions?

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