Minor in Leadership Studies

The Minor in Leadership Studies is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of leadership theory, skills, and experience through a rigorous and multi-disciplinary program of study. Students will complete the program by applying their knowledge and skills through a project based experiential learning course. The minor is currently comprised of three tracks – Business, Global Engineering Leadership & Public Policy, offered through the Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship at the Scheller College of Business, the College of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Public Policy at the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. Students apply for one of the three tracks, and upon acceptance, enter the program to begin a prescribed 15 credit hour course of study (Business / Public Policy) or 18 credit hour course of study (Global Engineering Leadership) while satisfying requirements for a bachelor's degree in their major.


Creating Impact Abroad - Leadership for Social Good




This program offers interested students the opportunity to gain insight into global civil society, to learn about the challenges of creating and leading effective and sustainable social enterprises, and to make a positive impact by working closely with a non-profit organization in Budapest, Hungary. This program introduces students to the concept of "sustainable communities" and is affiliated with Serve-Learn-Sustain.

Meet Raina Parikh, a fourth-year at Georgia Tech, majoring in Business Administration and International Affairs & Modern Languages, minoring in Leadership Studies and Global Development. Learn about the exciting work she completed with Savannah Joyner for Nem Adom Fel, a foundation that focuses on making the disadvantaged people of the world feel valued and creating a space for them in society.



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Add to your technical skills

  • Cohesive theoretical and practical program of study
  • Inter-disciplinary team-based capstone project or professional internship
  • Leadership Competency development through classroom interaction and experiential learning
  • Annual leadership retreat that helps build teamwork skills outside the classroom, facilitating service-learning providing student networking opportunities

Distinguish yourself from your peers

  • Gain familiarity with new sectors, concepts, and paradigms of thinking and leading
  • Develop the ability to take informed risks and approach situations where there is more than one answer
  • Shape versatile solutions to diverse problems
  • Develop global awareness and cultural competence
  • Engage with others who are trained and think differently from you; utilizing those differences and skills for maximum impact
  • Create interesting stories to tell about yourself

Gain valuable leadership experience

Each student in the Minor is expected to complete an experiential exercise of leadership in either a professional internship (Global Engineering Leadership / Public Policy Track) or in a project-based setting (Business Track) with non-profit, corporate, governmental, social enterprise or hybrid organizations. This unique experience allows students to apply their leadership skills to build capacity and create value for a partnering organization; particularly in circumstances where resources are limited. Students make connections within the community and around the world.

Global Engineering Leadership Study Abroad Opportunities

La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia Field Work


Environmental Technology in the Developing World (CEE 4350)

Application Required
Contact Instructor



Origami Engineering
(CEE 4803-H & ARCH 4803 PG)

Application Required
Contact Instructor

The Netherlands

Spring 2023

Sustainable Transportation Abroad (CEE 4660)

Application Required
Contact Instructor

China + Japan

Spring 2023

International Disaster Reconnaissance Studies (CEE4460)

Application Required
Contact Instructor

Business Study Abroad Opportunities

Leadership for Social Good | Central and Eastern Europe


Prague, Vienna, Budapest
May 4 - July 3, 2020

Business Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs (MGT 4803)
International Impact Forum (MGT 4192)
Integrative Management Analysis (MGT 4611 - Nonprofit Project Practicum)

Application Deadline
Early | November 1, 2019
Final | February 15, 2020

Contact instructor, Dori Pap (dori.pap@ile.gatech.edu), if you are interested in attending

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