2018 Fall Semester One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Leadership continues to be one of the most pressing issues faced by global organizations today. Organizations are looking for students who have the ability to collaborate across boundaries, conceptualize new solutions, and motivate diverse teams (2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report – Deloitte University Press). Given this trend, all students should consider focusing on enhancing their leadership skills through Leading Edge (One-on-One Leadership Coaching) for the 2018 Fall Semester, sponsored by Leadership Education and Development (LEAD). You will actively explore and improve your individual and team leadership skills through practice and critical reflection, challenge yourself to be a better leader, and develop your leadership vision. The Leading Edge (One-on-One Leadership Coaching) program can help to foster personal and professional leadership skills you will apply throughout your time at Tech and beyond.

For more information, visit leadership.gatech.edu.

Apply Now! Application deadline is Wednesday, April 25th

Event Details

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 12:00am
Atlanta, GA


Leading Edge Staff at leadingedge@gatech.edu


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