Course Schedule

Note: Readings are to be completed prior to each class. In order to participate in the classroom discussions, it is critical that you keep up with the readings. Guest lecturers will lead class discussion during designated classes throughout the semester.

Week 1

Topics: Course syllabus and requirements, What is Leadership? Management vs. Leadership, Power and leadership, Writing for assignments, Preparing to lead class discussion

Required Reading:
Chapter 1 in Northouse (pages 1-17)
Chapter 1-2 in Kouzes (pages 1-26)

Week 2

Topics: Leadership traits, Leadership skills, Leadership styles / behaviors

Required Reading:
Chapters 2, 3 in Northouse (pages 19-73)
Chapter 3 in Kouzes (Pages 27-47)

Week 3

Topics: Transformational Leadership

Required Reading
Chapter 9, Northouse (pages 185-217)
Chapter 4, Kouzes (pages 49-71)

Week 4-5

Topics: Situational leadership, Fiedler’s Contingency Model, Path-Goal Theory, Leader-Member Exchange.

Required Reading:
Chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 in Northouse (pages 99-184)
Chapter 5, Kouzes (pages 73-94)

Week 6-8

Topics: Teams, Collaboration

Required Reading:
Chapter 11-12, Northouse (pages 253-318)
Chapters 6-7, Kouzes (pages 95-139)

Week 8-10

Topics: Global and Multi-Cultural Leadership

Required Reading:
Chapter 15, Northouse (pages 383-422)
Other reading as assigned / Case Study, TBD

Week 11

Topics: Authentic Leadership, Servant Leadership, Ethical Leadership

Required Reading:
Chapter 10 and 16, Northouse (pages 219-251 and 423-451)
Case Study, TBD

Week 12

Topics: Overview of Leadership, The Future of Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, Review of Course material,
Review material for Comprehensive Exam.

Week 13-14

Students will conduct leadership workshops; receive critiques, and feedback on efforts.

Final Exam