Assignment Policy

All papers must be submitted in pdf format. I will not accept it if you send me another file format. All deadlines are firm unless you have negotiated it with me. All written assignments must include your name and a reliable email address – 5 points will be subtracted from your grade if these are not present. If it is a team assignment, then the work should include all members’ emails and names. Deadlines are firm with no exceptions unless you have notified and received confirmation from the instructor regarding the due date.

Grading Policy – If you believe the grade you have received is unfair and are not satisfied with my explanation, you may request a re-grade in writing. I make mistakes, so please don’t hesitate to ask. The reason I ask you to submit the request in writing is so that we can have a clear record of the basis of your request and I can respond accordingly. I will re-read or view the assignment again and re-grade it. Please note that the grade could conceivably go down.