The instructor for this course will endeavor to finish grading each paper by the following week and will return papers to the students with grades to provide quick feedback to the students.

Email Policy: Please use "PUBP 4140" in the subject line.
Email messages sent to the instructor are encouraged but should not necessarily be considered a reliable means of instant communication for important messages. The sending of an email message to the instructor, unless it receives a response from the instructor, cannot be assumed to have reached the instructor. The instructor will
respond (as soon as the message is opened) to any email messages received from students to confirm that the message has indeed been received. If the student sends a message and does not receive a response within 2-3 days, the student should assume that the message was not received and the student should attempt another means of communication, such as calling the instructor, or wait until the next class to convey the message. Students should always use PUBP 4140 as the subject line for email messages sent to this instructor about class business.

Plagiarism Policy and Academic Honor Code:
"Plagiarism" involves submitting work prepared outside of class that is not entirely the student's own, such as papers, reports and oral presentations that use direct quotes from other authors without proper citation of those authors. Plagiarism is not tolerated and penalties for plagiarism are severe.

In this class, you must fully comply with the requirements of the Academic Honor Code. If you have any questions about academic misconduct or the Academic Honor Code, please review Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to the following:
The class values academic discussion and recognition of contributions made by authors and researchers in the field of leadership studies. It is considered a complement to an author to recognize their contributions to management studies by either paraphrasing (putting their ideas into your words) or using direct quotes (using their words to express their ideas, within quotation marks). Whether the ideas are paraphrased or directly quoted, it should be clear to the reader of an paper which ideas are the students and which belong to the cited authors.