Course Policies

Because it is an introductory course that lays the foundation for Leadership Studies, it is essential that students make the weekly readings a priority of this course. It is only through reading the course material that a student will be able to fully participate in class discussions. All students are expected to be in class, prepared to engage in
meaningful dialogue, and willing to contribute to the overall success of the course. Active participation in class discussions is a major priority for this introductory course.

The instructor will notify the student if there appears to be evidence that obligations to follow class policies and to complete course requirements are not being fulfilled. In return, the instructor requests that student make a concerted effort to explain and justify any individual problems, abnormalities, and unusual circumstances that may
be roadblocks to success in this course. Together we can work to develop an understanding and reach an agreement to accommodate all parties involved.

If you have any physical or learning disabilities that require special assistance, you need to get documentation from the Access Disabled Assistance Program for Tech Students (ADAPT). ADAPT can be contacted at (404) 894-2564 or 210 Smithgall Student Services Building. I will be happy to work with you and accommodate as appropriate your learning needs upon receiving your documentation.