Margaret Kelley


Margaret Kelley is in her third year at Georgia Tech. She is pursing a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Public Policy. She aspires to study City and Regional Planning and Leadership in Public Policy in addition to her primary studies.

Margaret is involved within many organizations and programs at Georgia Tech including Grand Challenges and Phi Mu Fraternity. She serves in leadership roles within the Gates Millennium Scholars Campus Organization and the Georgia Tech chapter of No Labels.

Margaret currently serves as an assistant within Leadership Education and Development, as well as an assistant in the office of Competitive Sports within the CRC. Within LEAD, Margaret coordinates both day-to-day and special events for the Department. She also serves on the team that is enhancing Leadership Development on campus through GT1000 courses and within the Leading Edge Coaching Program. She also works directly with creating and analyzing assessments for the Leadership Education and Development department.