Minor in Leadership Studies

The Minor in Leadership Studies is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of leadership theory, skills, and experience through a rigorous and multi-disciplinary program of study. Students will complete the program by applying their knowledge and skills through a project based
experiential learning course. The minor currently comprises of two tracks – Management & Public Policy, offered through the Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship at the Scheller College of Business and the School of Public Policy at the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. Students apply for either one of the two tracks, and upon acceptance, enter the program to begin a prescribed 15 credit hour course of study while satisfying requirements for a bachelor's degree in their major.

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Application Requirements

In order for a student to be enrolled in the minor, they must have:

  • Completed at least 30 credit hours;

  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater;

  • applied for admission, and been formally admitted.

Each course counting toward the minor must be completed with a grade of C or above, with the overall required GPA in the courses counting toward the minor being 2.75 or higher.

Completion Requirements

Once enrolled in the Minor in Leadership Studies, the requirements for the minor are the successful completion of 15 credit hours as described below:

I. Required Course: 3 semester credit hours
II. Track (Public Policy or Management): 9 semester credit hours
III. Internship (Public Policy Track) OR Leadership Capstone Project (Management Track): 3 semester hours

I. Each student must take the following course (3 hours):
PUBP 4140  Foundations of Leadership

II. Each student must complete at least three courses from either the Policy track OR the Management track (9 hours):


Public Policy Track (choose 3 of the following):

PUBP 2030 - Organizations and Policy
PHIL   3050 - Philosophy and Political Philosophy
PUBP 2010 - Political Processes

Courses currently taught as special topics:

PUBP 48X3 - Leading Change in Public Organizations
PUBP 48X3 - Leadership for Social Change
PUBP 4803 - Ethical Responsibility in Leadership
PUBP 4803 - Managerial and Leadership Skill Building
PSY   2803 - Exploring Multicultural Identities


Management Track (choose 3 of the following):

Course Number:


MGT 3103 - Leadership-Changing Environments**

MGT 3101 OR 3102 OR 3150

MGT 3150 – Principles of Management


MGT 3662 – Management in the Healthcare Sector


  MGT 4072 – Entrepreneurial Finance**

MGT 3062 OR 3078

MGT 4102 – Management Consulting** 

MGT 3101 OR 3150

MGT 4106 – Teams in Organizations**

MGT 3101 OR 3150

MGT 4116 – Gender and Ethnicity in US and Global Organizations


MGT 4191 – Entrepreneurship Forum*


MGT 4192 – Impact Forum*


MGT 4193 – Servant Leadership, Values and Systems


MGT 4194 – Social Entrepreneurship


MGT 4670 – Entrepreneurship**

ACCT 2101 OR MGT 3300

MGT 4803 – Motivation and Rewards**

MGT 3101 OR 3102

MGT 4803 – Corporate Governance**

MGT 2106

MGT 4803 – Business Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs***



* Students electing the Management Track can take either MGT 4191 or 4192, but not both.
** These courses require the completion of pre-requisites. Please check OSCAR for more details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ***Currently available only to participants of the Eastern European Study Abroad Program


Information about the elective courses in the Management Track and the registration timetable for
students who are non-management majors can be found here.

If you have additional questions about the MGT Track of the minor please take a moment to read
the Frequently Asked Questions section here and if you have additional questions, please contact
Ms. Lalita Kaligotla.


III. Internship (PUBP 4651) OR Leadership Capstone Project (MGT 4611): Students enrolled in the Public Policy track will complete an internship by enrolling in PUBP 4651 (3 hours).  Each student in the Management track must complete a supervised capstone project (3 hours) assigned to him/her by the ILE faculty, by enrolling in MGT 4611 – Integrative Management Analysis.


Detailed Course Descriptions



https://oscar.gatech.edu (under Georgia Tech course catalog or Schedule of Classes).


Required Forms

Upon admission to the program, students should complete the Minor Declaration Form.

All students need to fill out the Leadership Minor Petition Form upon completion of the program.