Leadership Fellows

"I love coaching because it not only gives me the opportunity to make a significant contribution in the lives of my coachees, but it has helped me understand more about myself." - Federico Pulvirenti, 3rd Year PhD Student in Chemistry

“I love seeing the growth of my coachees; watching them gain confidence through carrying out their leadership experiments is so rewarding and inspiring.” – Maggie Miller, International Education Manager in Tech’s Office of International Education and AY15-18 Leadership Fellow (Coach).

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Office, a department within the Division of Student Life, has created a leadership-based fellows program for Georgia Tech Master's, Ph.D. students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have an interest in learning to develop others and would like to become a leadership coach for Georgia Tech students.

The purpose of the Leadership Fellows Program is to enable faculty, staff and graduate students at Tech to serve as leadership coaches for Georgia Tech students. Leadership Fellows will be professionally trained in leadership and coaching, earn a $3,000 stipend (Master's/Ph.D students) or recognition (Faculty/Staff/Alumni), and be expected to give four to five hours per week of time to the coaching process.

Ziplining Leadership Fellows

Fellows will sharpen and enhance their existing leadership and coaching skills by assisting in the development of GT students who are also eager to improve their leadership abilities. Fellows will also have the opportunity to learn from their peers at regular training sessions. In this environment Fellows will be able to actively reflect on their own previous leadership experiences and identify areas of improvement within themselves while coaching others. The reason for becoming a Leadership Fellow is quite simple: Develop yourself while developing others.


Enhance your leadership skills

  • 2-day leadership retreat (in-depth coaching training)
  • Ongoing training and development throughout the year, including monthly workshops
  • Coaching assessments and group evaluations by LEAD staff
  • Direct interaction with and continuing support from LEAD staff and returning Leadership Fellows

Give back to the Tech community

  • Share your leadership experiences and the lessons that you learned
  • Act as a coach and confidant for a developing leader
  • Guide others through the difficult task of self-examination
  • Create unique action plans for other leaders who want to improve their leadership abilities

Receive recognition for your service

Student Leadership Fellows will be awarded $3,000 per academic year. Faculty/Staff Leadership Fellows volunteer for the program and are recognized by the institute at the end of the academic year. The term of service for Leadership Fellows will begin during the fall semester, conclude at the end of the following spring semester, and is renewable on a volunteer basis each year. Fellowships are awarded based on each candidate's individual leadership, civic engagement and professional merits.


What are we looking for in a Leadership Fellow?

  • Demonstrate a distinguished ability to lead others in either a volunteer, academic, or professional environment
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the coaching and development of young leaders
  • Be willing to commit as many as four to five hours per week to program activities
  • Be a Georgia Tech Master's or Ph.D. student, faculty/staff member, or alum
    • Students:  have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and be in good academic standing
    • Faculty/Staff:  have approval from their supervisor to participate in the program
  • Passion for developing others
  • Relatable to others

Consider the following: Can you tell a compelling story? Do you have the ability to motivate others to overcome their fears and go beyond their comfort zone? Do you understand the importance of teamwork? Can you manage conflict well? Are you able to actively listen to others?

Interested in Applying?

We are no longer accepting applications for AY17-18. Please check back with us in March 2018 for AY18-19.


Additional Questions?

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